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Freshwater pearls are the most popular form of pearls today. With quality as good as (if not better than) natural pearls, freshwater pearls jewellery come at a fraction of the natural pearls price. Freshwater pearls can also be very consistent with their colour and overtone – as they are farmed and hand-picked by men, we have much more control over what the end product looks like.

There are two types of cultured pearls: freshwater and saltwater. The environment where oyster lives gives some subtle difference in the pearl – freshwater pearls often come in white or ivory, with a consistent cream or silver overtone, while saltwater pearls could have a multi-colour overtone on a white base colour.


Tip Taking care of your pearl jewellery require some dedication: pearls are grown and hand-picked and are very fragile and needs love. Follow some basic rules and you shall be fine.

1) Last on, first off: in the morning when you dress, up, always put your pearl jewellery on last, and take them off first when you undress in the evenings. Never spray perfume or rubbing facial cream over the pearls. Never wash and dry your hands with pearl bracelet or pearl ring on.

2) Store separately: keep your pearls in a cool, dry place on its own. All Carla Pearls jewellery come with a black velvet box and that is the best place to store your pearls – never tangle your pearls up with your metal and gemstone jewellery as they would get scratched.

3) Wear them, don’t ignore them: as naturally grown gemstones, pearls need the love of body heat and humidity, wearing your pearls from time to time help them keep their natural moisture.

4) Wash from time to time: wash your pearls, but only with PH neutral soap water or shower gel. Dont rub the soap on them directly – rub them on your hands and gently wash your pearls with the soap bubbles. Then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft towel.

5) Re-string when it’s time: this is for strand pearl jewellery only: the stringing of Carla Pearls jewellery are done in professional pearl workshops and the strand-ends are especially strengthened with metal strings. They tend to last much longer than the typical hand-knotted pearls on the market. Instead of 2 years, Carla Pearls products tend to last up to 5 years. However when they do need restringing (i.e. when you see strands hanging a bit loose), do take them to your local jeweler’s.

About Carla Pearls

The London based Carla Pearls (operated by Carla Jewellery UK Ltd.) is an online pearl retailer with excellent reputation, and serves customers from all over the UK as well as rest of the World. The website is available in both English and French.

Carla pearls offers dispatch within 24 hours and delivery within 1-3 working days for anywhere in the UK free of charge, and with a minimum cost for orders outside the UK. As well as a 14-day cooling off period where you can return your purchase with no questions asked (provided that item is not damaged).

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Pearls are always the ultimate treat for girls, no matter what her style, or age, or background. No gemstone is more feminine and elegant than pearls, that is why they are adored and loved by women everywhere in the world throughout centuries. However, until recently, pearls had been way too expensive for most people. Only royalty and the upper class could afford the pleasure of pearl jewellery, while normal families, if lucky enough to have one strand of pearls, pass it on from generation to generation. 20th Century. The Japanese cavalier Mikimoto enters the scene. He was a really determined man and held a single belief that since natural dust/irritation can cause oysters to grow pearls, then human intervention should be able to do the same. He experimented with all sorts of materials and methods over many years, and finally perfected the pearl culturing technique. The price of pearls has therefore fallen significantly over last few decades, now freshwater pearls is a possible treat for most women in the world. In this sense, Mikimoto as a representative of men, has really gifted all the women in the world with the best possible gift – making their most beloved jewel affordable, bringing pearls into their private jewellery collection without breaking their purses!

Nowadays, almost every woman has freshwater pearl jewelry in her jewelry collection. Freshwater pearl is such a magic fashion element – it simply goes with anything, leisure outfit, office attire, evening dress, you name it. No matter what the dress style, pearls can always add to it all the while maintaining the subtleness of it all. Freshwater oysters is probably the sea animal that deserves the most ‘thank you’ from women, dutifully producing the most beautiful product, silently, year after year.

For men who are scratching their head wondering what would be the best gift for the girlfriend or wife on the special occasion, oh a classic, beautiful freshwater pearl necklace is probably the safest bet. No woman that loves beauty would not appreciate a gorgeous strand of pearls – and don’t forget the matching freshwater pearl earrings! This is a good advice for most gentlemen to keep in mind, when buying girls jewellery, always, always go for matching sets. Freshwater pearl earrings won’t cost much, especially in a matching set, but it would add so much more spirit to the whole set. This is hard to keep in mind as most men don’t give a damn about if his tie matches his shoes in the morning – or if he didn’t he probably wouldn’t be running after women! :-) Mikimoto has brought freshwater pearls to women, and men after him also gift their girl with his invention. Pearls are girl’s best friend!